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Mission Hill
Neighborhood Housing Services

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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Mission Hill Neighborhood Housing Services (MHNHS) is a community-based nonprofit housing and economic development organization committed to the revitalization and stabilization of the Mission Hill neighborhood. 

MHNHS strives to involve all segments of the community in planning housing and economic development activities designed to preserve Mission Hill’s unique character, improve the standard of living of its lower income residents, and enhance the quality of life for everyone on Mission Hill.  The development and maintenance of stable, decent, and affordable housing for low- and moderate-income people is one of the primary purposes of MHNHS.

Free Fall Activities
Schedule: November 2023




Please visit MHNHS's Instagram and Facebook for updates about each event.

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* All events are completely free!

**The Food Distribution events will be held at each individual housing development. The Joe Sullivan Library event will be held at the Maria Sanchez House Library at 30 Gurney Street.

Take a Stand!

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Mission Hill NHS in collaboration with other Mission Hill community groups is organizing a postcard campaign in opposition to the Weston/NPC Project at 80-100 Smith Street.


The developers are proposing a 13 story tower of luxury rental housing. The building would house an underground parking garage, adjacent to the Mission Grammar School Parking Lot, adding to the already dangerous pick-up and drop-off area. The tower will disrupt the learning environment for students and create adverse living conditions for Mission Main residents.  In addition the tower, being out of context with the existing buildings, will infringe upon the beautiful Mission Church complex, which gives Mission Hill its name. Because of this Mission Hill NHS is in direct opposition to the 80-100 Smith Street project.

Join us in opposition by signing a postcard. Postcards are being sent to elected officials, councilors and mayor, in efforts to show unified opposition in the neighborhood. Please email intern@missionhillnhs to sign.

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