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Kevin Fitzgerald Park

Kevin Fitzgerald Park provides 5.5 acres of passive green space for residents to enjoy. The park is a great place to see the breathtaking skyline of Mission Hill and enjoy the city of Boston.

The park is located at 145-157 Saint Alphonsus Street.


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One Gurney Street at Roxbury Crossing

One Gurney Street (OGS) sits directly next to the María Sánchez House and across the street from the Roxbury Crossing T Station. This property has 40 units of affordable family housing units, with 4 units set aside for homeless families in the area. Additionally, OGS has three retail spaces currently occupied by Boston Cyclists Union, Eastern Bank, and a new Latin Kitchen, "Merengue Express"!

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Frawley-Delle Apartments

The Frawley-Delle Apartments were acquired through private owners, except for one vacant building purchased through the City of Boston, and developed in 1986. This collection of buildings is considered a scattered development because the buildings reside on two different streets, despite being part of the same project. Frawley Street Apartments offers 42 units and Delle Avenue Apartments has 32 units, with both properties having a mix of affordable housing/Section-8 housing and market-rate units. Both apartments have different types of single and family units, and mixed income-level residents.

These apartments are located at 7-15 Frawley Street and 7-56 Delle Avenue. 


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Kevin Fitzgerald Park Arboretum

MHNHS is in the process of certifying Kevin Fitzgerald Park as a Level I Arboretum. An Arboretum designation would further uplift this major source of green space, increase education, and continue MHNHS's work to build community among residents. 


This project is a collaboration between MHNHS and Northeastern University.


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María Sánchez House

Located at 30 Gurney Street, the María Sánchez House was the first MHNHS development of the Mission Hill community's vision for Roxbury Crossing. This property provides housing to vulnerable seniors, including elderly homeless people, low-income seniors, and disabled people. All 39 residential units are designated for people 62 and older, offering units with walk-in/roll-in showers, aural and visual adaptations, and grab bars so residents can maintain their independence. This building was named after María Sánchez, a resident of Mission Hill with a passion for the area and whose commitment over decades to the provision of stable and decent affordable housing to save racially, ethnically, and language-diverse populations has been consistent.

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Maria Sanchez House.jpg

706 Huntington Ave

This property was acquired by MHNHS from Brigham and Women's Hospital in an effort to create affordable rental housing in the area. Starting as a debilitated historical brick building, it was rehabilitated into stable affordable housing units that stand there today. There are 10 section 8-based housing units and 27 market-rate units.


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One Brigham Circle

One Brigham Circle began the community planning process in early 1993, as it was previously an under-used area of 9.9 acres owned by Harvard University. Under direction of MHNHS, the construction of a full service grocery store, sit-down family restaurant, 5.5-acre park, pedestrian plaza, and office space with ample parking began. Completed in 2003, there is now a Stop&Shop, JP Licks, and several other businesses located around the plaza. Although MHNHS no longer owns this property, the organization maintains a close relationship with the current owners, AEW, and property owners, Lincoln Properties. The organization maintains its offices at One Brigham Circle.

Call Lincoln Properties Company at 214.740.3300 for more information.

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HERE House

Originally two vandalized triple-deckers off of Calumet Street, HERE House was purchased by MHNHS in 1980 with the intention of creating housing for extreme low-income and formerly homeless elders. The small family living style provides an easier space for seniors to live comfortably in, while not being isolated from their community. HERE House offers 6 units through the Massachusetts Resident Voucher Program for seniors, which is administered by Boston Housing Authority.

HERE House is located at 40 Calumet Street.


One Halleck Street at Roxbury Crossing

One Halleck Street (OHS) is the second completed phase of the Parcel 25 development. This property is located next to our One Gurney Street building and across the street from the Maria Sanchez House Senior Building. After several years of planning, construction on this property finished in December of 2023. Fourty-six families now call these affordable units at One Halleck Street "home."

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Properties Under Development

Mission Hill NHS consistently acquires underused parcels and areas of the neighborhood to develop them into affordable housing units and business spaces. Currently, we are in Phase 2 of our Parcel 25 Project near the Roxbury Crossing Area.


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