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Board of Directors

Mission Hill Neighborhood Housing Services was incorporated in 1974 under the Mass General Laws, Chapter 180 and is a 501 c(3) non-profit.  MHNHS owns several subsidiary corporations that participate in development partnerships. The MHNHS Board meets the 1st Monday of each month to conduct the business of the organization. The Board of Directors keeps us connected to the community and in-tune to local needs.

Board of Directors

The Mission Hill Neighborhood Housing Services Board of Directors is a partnership of residents, local financial institutions, the City of Boston, the institutional community, and local retail merchants.  The Board consists of 24 volunteer members, 16 members are residents of Mission Hill representing various geographic areas of the neighborhood and the Mission Hill community at-large. Approximately one-third of the Board is elected each year by the Corporation’s membership at the annual meeting.  To become a member of the Corporation Mission Hill residents sign a membership form at the annual meeting.  The Board meets the first Monday of each month to conduct the business of the organization.


The Board of Directors has the following Committees: Executive Committee has the responsibility to maintain overall operations of the organization including programs, fundraising, budgets, personnel, finance and risk assessment; Membership and Outreach Committee has the responsibility for conducting membership and board recruitment along with the Annual Meeting and special events; Mission Hill Road Race (MHRR) Committee provides support and direction for the annual MHRR; Housing Committee is responsible for asset management of the existing housing developments and the implementation of new housing development projects; Neighborhood Planning and Review Committee (NPRC) reviews neighborhood planning, zoning, licensing, and development proposals.

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RTH Area (2024)

Adams has lived in the Mission Hill area for 56 years and currently works at the Roxbury Tenants of Harvard. She is a strong advocate for affordable housing and spends her free time enjoying Kevin Fitzgerald Park.

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Triangle Area (2025)

. . .

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Alice Taylor Area (2023)

Matilda has lived in the Alice Taylor area for 43+ years. Being a part of the MHNHS has opened the  door for residents of Alice Heyward Taylor Apartments to be a part of  the decision making process in this community. Matilda is grateful for the voice she has in the Mission Hill community.

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Mission Main Area (2024)

Assistant Secretary

Millie moved to the Mission Hill Area in 2000, and previously worked at Sherrill House. She feels proud of how she has helped community with MHNHS. Millie enjoys partaking in senior activities around the Hill.

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Delle Avenue Area

Bio coming soon!



Back of the Hill Area (2024)

Vice President

Rich has lived in Mission Hill for more than 30 years, and his favorite part is still his neighbors. He takes pride in the construction of One Brigham Circle and MHNHS's affordable housing efforts for seniors.



Top of the Hill Area (2024)


Living in the area for 46 years, Mort views housing and gentrification as the most pressing issues in the neighborhood. He sees the most positive changes from both the ongoing Parcel 25 project and One Brigham Circle.



Top of the Hill Area (2023)


Betty is a life-long resident of the Hill and has worked in the area for more than 30 years. She is committed to the redevelopment of the Roxbury Crossing area for community betterment and appreciates MHNHS work in affordable housing.

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Top of the Hill Area (2023)

John and his wife Susan have lived in Mission Hill for over 28 years. John has taken his wife Susan's role on the board and continues to be an active member of the community. John and Susan love taking part in the MHNHS Road Race with their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.



At-Large (2024)

Cindy has lived in Mission Hill for 12 years, and believes strongly in bolstering owner-occupied homeownership units. She is proud of the leadership at MHNHS, and the creation of Kevin Fitzgerald Park.

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At-Large (2023)


Bruce has lived in Mission Hill since 1970, when he first attended law school. He strives to preserve MH as a diverse, family-friendly, residential neighborhood. He is pictured with his partner in all things, Mary Keary.

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At-Large (2025)


María moved to Mission Hill in 1973 and has been a prominent affordable housing activist throughout her time in Boston. Maria takes pride in helping others who are often left behind by society. She was instrumental in the construction of 30 Gurney Street, which was named the "María Sánchez House" to recognize her dedication.

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Top of the Hill Area (2025)

Adam has lived in Mission Hill since 2004, and loves the diversity in our community, both in businesses and residents. He is most proud of MHNHS's work to stabilize affordable housing.

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Top of the Hill Area (2024)

Mitch moved to Mission Hill in 1973, and became a home-owner in late 1992.  He is proud to be on the board of MHNHS and to share in its victories as it builds and maintains housing that enables Mission Hill to remain the diverse and dynamic community that he has always known it to be.

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At-Large (2025)

Assistant Treasurer

Since moving to the Mission Hill area in 2004, Chris has focused on housing affordability in the area. He takes pride in our close and personal relationships with our residents.

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At-Large (2025)

Assistant Clerk

David has lived in Mission Hill since 1973, and can see the difference MHNHS has made throughout the years. He is most proud of how the construction of One Brigham Circle changed the neighborhood for the better.

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Financial Community (2023)

Eastern Bank

Judene has worked at the Mission Hill Eastern Bank Branch for 3 years. She is continuously building strong connections with residents, and admires the support MHNHS gives to its community members in Mission Hill.

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At-Large (2024)

Bio coming soon!

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City of Boston (2025)

John grew up in Mission Hill, and although he no longer lives here, values the diversity that exists in the area. John is proud of MHNHS's work to make sure that low-income families can stay in Mission Hill.

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Institutional Community (2023)

New England Baptist Hospital

Bio coming soon!

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City of Boston (2025)

Bio coming soon!



Institutional Community (2025)

Wentworth Institute of Technology

Johanna has worked in the Mission Hill Area since 2006, and her favorite part is still the people that live here. She is proud to be a MHNHS partner, supporting housing for low-income residents in a community historically affected by institutional pressures.

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Retail Merchants (2023)

Mike's Donuts

Maria has owned and operated Mike's Donuts on Tremont St since 1976. She established (and still runs) the Mission Hill Safety Meeting. She loves the community on the Hill and is proud of MHNHS's affordable housing work.

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Professional Expertise/ Youth

Victoria has worked at Sociedad Latina for 8 years. She loves the upbeat community of Mission Hill that she grew up in, and is happy to see her son have the same experiences in our neighborhood. Victoria finds merit in our community activities that brings people of all backgrounds, ethnicities and social classes together in Mission Hill.

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