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Kevin Fitzgerald Park Arboretum

Looking for updates on what is happening in your community park? See below for more information on Kevin Fitzgerald Park's accreditation as a Level I Arboretum!

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Mission Hill Neighborhood Housing Services (MHNHS)
is proud to announce that Kevin W. Fitzgerald “Fitz” Park in Mission Hill has been awarded a Level I Accreditation by The ArbNet Arboretum Accreditation Program and The Morton Arboretum, for having achieved standards of professional practices and species count deemed important for arboreta and botanic gardens. Fitzgerald Park is also now recognized as an accredited arboretum in the Morton Register of Arboreta, a database of the world’s arboreta and gardens dedicated to woody plants.


The mission of the Kevin W. Fitzgerald Park Arboretum is to provide a place of recreation, education, and beauty in the heart of a densely populated urban neighborhood, fostering feelings of repose amidst the constant activity of life in the City of Boston. Many residents and other visitors love spending time in the park to reduce stress and feel a sense of peace. The arboretum also has a sustainability function, helping to regulate local climate conditions, improve air quality, and mitigate urban heat island effect. Arboretum plantings provide erosion and sediment control and assist in the volume and quality management of stormwater runoff.

Throughout this entire process, MHNHS and its Northeastern co-ops have worked in collaboration with Northeastern University's Director of Horticulture and Grounds. Having started the project with the now retired Chuck Doughty, MHNHS currently works with his successor, Stephen Schneider, and Schneider's two co-op students to maintain and preserve the Park's new accreditation.

MHNHS, residents, and Northeastern University are all excited to have this opportunity to expand the tree species count at the park, helping them to bring the park to its next level as a unique and important greenspace in the neighborhood and the City of Boston.

Click here to learn more about the accreditation process and requirements on ArbNet's website!

Arboretum in Action!

Check out these articles about our current and past work in the Kevin Fitzgerald Arboretum Project!

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Mission Hill Gazette, May 2024:

"MHNHS Holds Third Annual Arbor Day Celebration"

Mission Hill Gazette, January 2024:

"Kevin W. Fitzgerald Park awarded level I Arboretum Accreditation by Arbnet Accreditation Program"

WBZ News Radio, May 2022:

"Neighbors Work With Northeastern To Make Fitzgerald Park An Arboretum"

The Huntington News, May 2022:

"In effort for new Mission Hill arboretum, community celebrates green space, partnership with Northeastern"


Boston 25 News, April 2022:

"Mission Hill Park in process of being designated an official arboretum"


Northeastern Global News, March 2022:

"How do you turn a community park into an arboretum? Ask these Northeastern students."

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Arbor Day

Thank you to all who joined us and volunteered at MHNHS's third Annual Arbor Day and first Arbor Day with Kevin Fitzgerald Park being a certified Arboretum!

If you are interested in additional volunteer opportunities please email


Want to make a contribution to help improve the Kevin Fitzgerald Park Arboretum?

Make a check (of any amount!) payable to: Mission Hill Neighborhood Housing Services

Send to: Mission Hill Neighborhood Housing Services, 1620 Tremont St. M Level, Mission Hill, MA 02120

*Mission Hill Neighborhood Housing Services is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.*

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