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Kevin Fitzgerald Park Arboretum

Looking for updates on what is happening in your community park? See below for more information on MHNHS's work towards certifying Kevin Fitzgerald Park as a Level I Arboretum!

View our woody plants!

To view an interactive map of Fitzgerald Arboretum,


Click each tree icon to learn it's botanical name, common name, and a picture of it!


MHNHS is currently working towards certifying Kevin Fitzgerald Park as a Level I Arboretum. As a major focal point for community and socialization in the neighborhood, Fitz Park benefits the entire diverse population of Mission Hill. An Arboretum designation would further uplift this major source of green space, increase education, and continue MHNHS's work to build community among residents. 

Throughout this entire process, MHNHS and its NEU co-op have worked in collaboration with Northeastern University's Director of Horticulture and Grounds. Having started the project with the now retired Chuck Doughty, MHNHS currently works with his successor, Stephen Schneider, and Schneider's two co-op students towards certification of Fitz Park via ArbNet, an international program of accreditation that is specific to arboreta. 

This collaboration between MHNHS and Northeastern has proven to be invaluable, and many requirements for Arboretum status are already completed or underway. These include inventorying and labeling species, developing a Master Plan, having at least 25 tree or woody plant species, and holding a public observance event, such as an Arbor Day Event.

Click here to learn more about the accreditation process and requirements on ArbNet's website!

Arboretum in Action!

Check out our current work in the Kevin Fitzgerald Arboretum Project!

1. Click below to watch the Boston 25 News segment featuring MHNHS's co-op, the NEU Arboretum's two co-op students, and Michael Fitzgerald!

3. Check out our Facebook and Instagram for more information and updates!

2. Click below to read about the project in a News@

Northeastern article!

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4. Click below to read about MHNHS's first annual Arbor Day event in a NEU Huntington News article!

5. Check out this WBZ NewsRadio 1030 article and audio clip on the Fitz Park Arboretum Project!

Arbor Day

Thank you to all who joined us and volunteered at MHNHS's first annual Arbor Day event on Friday, April 29, 2022! 

Fitzgerald Park officially has the 25+ species count needed for the arboretum application, and the additional requirement for a public observance event was fulfilled!

We are one step closer to certifying Fitzgerald Park as a Level I Arboretum!


Want to make a contribution to help improve the Kevin Fitzgerald Park Arboretum?

Make a check (of any amount!) payable to: Mission Hill Neighborhood Housing Services

Send to: Mission Hill Neighborhood Housing Services, 1620 Tremont St. M Level, Mission Hill, MA 02120

*Mission Hill Neighborhood Housing Services is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.*

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